2008-Gods Final Witness

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And who is the other Witness, does He say that?

Well, I like it. Let's hope we continue to share the Truth! Actually, he explains in the books he has written. And you may know many of the brethren then as well that we have met. No I have not read his Book and I have no imtrest in it either! The rest will die and be resurrected in years.

I am newly drawn to Gods Truth. That's exactly it. After finding this I've realized I've had it all wrong. This all clicks. The Truth she is referring to is the Truth of God.


And where is that truth written. In the Bible or a Book from Mr. Actually Ron's books opened my eyes to what the Bible says. It was God though who opened my mind to understand everything. Hey Guys!!

Ronald Weinland's - 2008 God's Final Witness (26/45)

Thanks for turning me on to this site A of P and DE!. I also feel like you are family. I was bummed when I saw that the other thread had been shut down. What the?? Satan at work?? Christ on earth. That is complete blasphemy — he represents the harlot.

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He is scheduled to speak at the United Nations during that time and also someplace else. Maybe he dies, as he's Maybe his successor shakes it up. I just find it very spooky that Ron was saying spring in How on earth would he have known that the Pope was going to be in NY then?? Since you were apart of the scattered church, I would think you would want to read them.

Perhaps see that God wants you in the new age. Hi Broncs! Actually the Pope won't be dying until directly after Christ's return. And we'll see what happens when he gives his sermon at Yankee stadium.

2008 God's final witness

But if it's something crazy, it'll be in the news! To be quite frank with you. The books written by RW was from God. I believe this because no man could lay out what he did and make it fit like a perfect puzzle. The Bible and Gods plan being the puzzle. Nothing in religion ever was clear to me in my life until I read his books.

So ultimately the Truth of Gods words.

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The Truth about Gods plan. Many Truths I have come to see. Let me ask you a question, first you need to tell me what truth you are talking about. About what subject. You also need to understand that many Antichrist will come in these end times. I belief that Mr. Weinland wants to built up for Himself an Empior like Mr.

Armstrong did. Even tho I am thankful for Mr. Armstrong for talking us away from the Catholic Church, He did have many errors in His belief which we discovered after he died and the church split. He is trying to scare people, just like Mr. Armstron did, that is what it looks like just by reading what you wrote about His Book. Peace and Love Mrs. Great to see you! Yeah, we had to keep fellowship alive! The Pope will not die until Christ returns in Matthew And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.

Also it's been 28 years since a pope has come to the US.

I would say things are falling right into place. Ron never answers my emails which shows he doesn't obey God's command to communicate 1 Timothy Ron Weinland said something along the lines of America getting nuked with a suitcase nuke, that never happened.

Free - God's Final Witness book

The two prophets mentioned in revalations would be "clothed in sackcloth". One should take this prophesy literally and figurativly. Clothed in rags a suit and tie is diffantly not rags and as Jesus had said "The body is more than a garment" and the mentioning of "wedding clothes" which in my mind should be interperated as the body. In other words the two final prophets would be clothed in rags and like Job have terrible phyiscal ailments. Does mister weinland have either of these? Evidence would point to no. Also the "seven thunders" are not to written.

There are a few points that i agree with in his book though. Mostly that pride is what will eventually bring the downfall of Human kind. Also the false belief of "independence". A co-worker did a google search for end-time info and found a site that offered a free book. She brought it to work today and asked my opinion. I looked at it and felt it was not a good read for her.