Baby-led Weaning: Helping Your Baby to Love Good Food

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Incidentally we have never had a gagging or choking incident either. Anyway, this is my own anecdotal evidence of which there are many others.

This is no replacement for solid scientific evidence of which the 'research' Dr Phillips refers to even says is lacking with regards to BLW. I would welcome any good research into both traditional and baby led weaning and I look forward to reading it. Until then, for me allowing a child to regulate their own complementary solids intake along breastfeeding feels intuitive and a natural progression from breastfeeding on demand.

I would hope in future the BBC finds someone with a more informed and objective ability to write articles. Surely not everyone who is following that route is giving a balanced nutritional diet. I'm also confused as how tw babies can be given a wider range of food then BLW babies. This is purely only the case if parents don't offer a variety of food which could be either weaning routes.

Also a mixed approach is another name for traditional weaning as it's spoon feeding purees with finger food added when parents feel there child is ready, that isn't the same as BLW which is completely child led. If you actually read the NHS link you've posted it states that 'if you use a spoon' how you can do it but it doesn't say that you have to spoon feed. Unfortunately yet another muddled article where the author doesn't truly understand BLW.

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Great article. Absolutely - I am now regularly being asked to review children due to their limited intake after following a strict baby led weaning schedule. Although some breakfast cereals are fortified with iron, this may not be sufficient to meet requirements. This is why the input from a qualified dietitian such as Dr Frankie Phillips raising awareness around some of the nutritional problems that can be linked with baby led weaning is important for the public.

There are wonderful aspects of baby led weaning that parents can incorporate into their own weaning style but sometimes offering food using a spoon is essential. Then gradually encourage baby to self-feed using cutlery. After all, as adults do we not do 'a bit of both'? Do we not eat using spoons and other cutlery?

I'd be interested to know how many BLW children in comparison to TW children are referred to you though not sure exactly what your role is and on what basis. BLW is a philosophy on allowing the child to guide themselves and regulate their own intake of solids. If the child is offered a balanced and healthy diet alongside breastmilk or formula then how exactly is that child going to have nutritional problems?!?

There will always be cases where self feeding is not appropriate for all children, for example those babies who do not have the motor skills to self feed due to developmental delays, but for the majority of babies BLW is an excellent way to introduce solids.

Baby Led Weaning - Basics for Beginners

Oh and no, as an adult I really don't do "a bit of both". I feed myself entirely, be it with cutlery or with my hands.

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I think again you are under the misconception that BLW means no cutlery. We adults don't do a bit of both as I don't know about you but I feed myself everything I eat, I'm not spoon fed by anyone!!

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BLW isn't the absence of cutlery, in fact the opposite can be true. Firstly 'a bit of both'? Secondly, red meat and cereals later on? Some pretty rubbish research going on if these studies support this because breakfast cereal is one of the first things many baby-led weaned babies try, along with red meat, often as part of a good Sunday roast, of which they'll try all bits at their own pace.

Baby-Led Weaning: Helping Your Baby Love Good Food

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Baby-Led Weaning

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