Diophantus and Diophantine Equations

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Isabella Grigoryevna Bashmakova.

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American Mathematical Soc. The Role of concrete numbers in Diophantus Arithmetic. Name Index.

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D Bombelli century Chapter cube cubic curve cubic equation curve of genus denoted Dio4 Diophan4 diophantine analysis Diophantine Equations Diophantus puts diorism double point element elliptic curve Euler Euler! Back Cover.

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Today this is the standard method for solving first order Diophantine equations. Note that Diophantine equations don't have unique answers - e.

Using computers to crack open centuries-old mathematical puzzles

These methods were unknown in the west, and this very equation was posed as a problem in by the French mathematician Pierre de Fermat - however, its solution was found only seventy years later by Euler. The cover of Diophantus' 15 volume work, Arithmetica, of which only six volumes are available.

This proof however eluded mathematicians for centuries. It became famous as Fermat's last problem , and was proved by Andrew Wiles only ten years ago.

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  6. So: to return to our original problem - have you figured out Diophantus's son's age yet? Well - the problem says that the son lived to half his father's life. Now, don't just sit there!


    Get out your pencil and try solving some diophantine equations with some kids. Help them explore this meeting ground of two ancient civilizations. End of HT Column.