Electrochemical Aspects of Ionic Liquids, Second Edition

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For the highly acidic solution 0. Although relatively slow, this rate is somewhat faster than the rate of AQ hydrogenation using H 2 in catalytic slurry reactors e.

Based on the simple examples shown here it is evident that building electrochemical functionality into ionic liquid "type" structure is relatively straightforward from a synthetic perspective but the likelihood of success obtaining a RTIL depends entirely on the nature of the anion and cation, therefore restricting synthesis to commercially available ions will inevitably severely limit the functional materials obtained. Out of the ten examples shown here it is no coincident that P 14 6 6 6 exemplar "works" because it, even as the chloride salt, behaves effectively as an oil rather that as solid salt.

It is also worth keeping in mind that it is the nature of that anion usually non-coordinating that predominantly controls the physical properties of RTILs so switching the permanent charged on the quinone to cationic present an opportunity to create redox active quinone-based RTILs with more favourable physical properties. Incorporating redox behaviour in this way for redox catalysis and redox conduction creates possibilities for new electrochemical processes and devices [25].

Inorganic and Organic as Well as Protic and Aprotic

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The electrochemistry of simple inorganic molecules in room temperature ionic liquids

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References Publications referenced by this paper. The new edition includes new chapters on Li ion Batteries and Actuators, as well as a revision of existing chapters to include a discussion on purification and the effects of impurities, adsorption of ionic liquids on interfaces and on the electrochemical double layer, among other topics.

Electrochemical Reactivity in Room-Temperature Ionic Liquids

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New electrolytes based on ionic liquids for application in electrochemical solar cells and batteries

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