Formal Logic Or, The Calculus Of Inference, Necessary And Probable

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Oscar Sheynin. This book covers the history of probability up to Kolmogorov with essential additional coverage of statistics up to Fisher. Based on my work of ca. Gorrochurn is similar but his study of events preceding Laplace is absolutely unsatisfactory.

Deductions and Reductions Decoding Syllogistic Mnemonics

Hald ; are worthy indeed but the Continental direction of statistics Russian and German statisticians is omitted, it is impossible to find out what was contained in any particular memoir of Laplace The origins and legacy of Kolmogorov's Grundbegriffe. Published on Feb 5, in arXiv: History and Overview.

Glenn Shafer 31 Estimated H-index: Estimated H-index: April 25, , marked the th anniversary of the birth of Andrei Nikolaevich Kolmogorov, the twentieth century's foremost contributor to the mathematical and philosophical foundations of probability. The year was also the 70th anniversary of the publication of Kolmogorov's Grundbegriffe der Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung. Kolmogorov's Grundbegriffe put probability's modern mathematical formalism in place.

It also provided a philosophy of probability - an explanation of how the formalism can Published on Jan 2, in History and Philosophy of Logic 0. Anna-Sophie Heinemann 1 Estimated H-index: 1. On the Algebra in Boole's Laws of Thought. Published on Jan 1, in arXiv: Artificial Intelligence.

Subhash C. Kak 1 Estimated H-index: 1.

This article explores the ideas that went into George Boole's development of an algebra for logical inference in his book The Laws of Thought. We explore in particular his wife Mary Boole's claim that he was deeply influenced by Indian logic and argue that his work was more than a framework for processing propositions.

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  • De Morgan, Augustus.

By exploring parallels between his work and Indian logic, we are able to explain several peculiarities of this work. From values to probabilities. Wlodek Rabinowicz 17 Estimated H-index: According to the fitting-attitude analysis of value FA-analysis , to be valuable is to be a fitting object of a pro-attitude. In earlier publications, setting off from this format of analysis, I proposed a modelling of value relations which makes room for incommensurability in value.

In this paper, I first recapitulate the value modelling and then move on to suggest adopting a structurally similar analysis of probability.

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Indeed, many probability theorists from Poisson onwards did adopt an anal Probabilistic Logics with Independence and Confirmation. Published on Oct 1, in Studia Logica 0. Dragan Doder 7 Estimated H-index: 7. The main goal of this work is to present the proof-theoretical and model-theoretical approaches to probabilistic logics which allow reasoning about independence and probabilistic support.

Reconsidering Contentious Argument: Augustus DeMorgan on Fallacy

We extend the existing formalisms [14] to obtain several variants of probabilistic logics by adding the operators for independence and confirmation to the syntax. Ivo Thomas. Cohen, Morris and Ernest Nagel. Introduction to Logic. John Corcoran. Corcoran, John and Idris Samawi Hamid. Arnold Koslow and Arthur Buchsbaum. Dordrecht: Springer, Corcoran, John and Kevin Tracy. Corcoran, John. De Morgan, Augustus.

London: Taylor and Walton, De Rijk, Lambertus Marie.

Logica Modernorum, vol. Eaton, Ralph. General Logic: An Introductory Survey. London: Charles Scribners' Sons, Jevons, W. Elementary Lessons in Logic: Deductive and Inductive. London: Macmillan, Keynes, John Neville. Studies and Exercises in Formal Logic. Kneale, William and Mary Kneale.

Illusory Inferences about Probabilities

Development of Logic. London: Clarendon Press, Parsons, Terence. Articulating Medieval Logic. Peirce, Charles Sanders.

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Writings of Charles S. Peirce: Chronological Edition. Volume 5 Nathan Houser et al.