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Futures we are in. From evolving systems to evolving environments.

We don’t simply publish foresights. We live them.

Pages Three patterns of maladaptive response to turbulence; three possible scenarios. The doomsday scenarios. Active adaptation: the emergence of ideal seeking systems. The most probable future for Western societies. A Scenario for Asia and the West. Notes for a world scenario.

Epilogue: social sciences and social futures. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction After explicating the analytical framework I will proceed to develop scenarios as follows: I.

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General scenarios -maladaptive and adaptive. How could we shape these futures to make our flourishing more likely? What existential threats to our organisation can we identify, and what awesome and exciting opportunities do we see? Now that we have immersed ourselves in what our future is likely to look like, and now that we have started to understand the impact on what we do today…what would we like to see happen?

Which future can we get excited about, which future fits our culture, people, and the society around us? Where do we see a purpose and vision that would get our juices flowing?

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Who will we be in years, what will our brand look like? Who is charge? What skills and mindsets do we need, what kind of people need to be brought in, where do we need to invest, what will we need from our leaders, how will we get buy-in from our teams and what kinds of resources do we need?

What and how do we prioritize?

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  • Who will lead these initiatives? This dualistic way of realising the future opportunities is often essential in order to mitigate or distribute the risks that such transformations will create, especially for incumbent industry leaders or large, traditional, multi-national companies. The Futurizing process is designed individually for each client and may involve any or all of these components:. Futurizing our thinking with Gerd Leonhard and friends has meant in effect we have digitized our business model from the other side of the equation.

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