Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of New Mexico

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Quite a few towns have a number of inhabitants. Please respect their privacy. Many are on private property. Learn More. The lore of the Cerrillos hills is rich with legends of mines, being worked there for a thousand year. Turquoise has religious significance to many Indian people, nearby Mount Chalchihuitl is known to have contained a great lode of the precious gemstone and stone tools found there seem to testify to the truth of the legends. Although Madrid still likes to consider itself a ghost town, it represents a unique example of resurrection. In the s and 30s, Madrid was as famous for its Christmas lights as for its coal, and airlines used to reroute traffic during the holidays to show passengers the sight.

Golden was inhabited by Native Americans and Spaniards long before American settlers came to the area. However, it began to boom when gold was discovered in Years before the California and Colorado gold rushes, the site of Golden became the first gold rush west of the Mississippi River. Elizabethtown began in with the founding of area gold mines and the Mystic Copper Mine.

It was New Mexico's first incorporated town. Colfax may be said to have ridden to prosperity on the coattails of Dawson in the late s, when Dawson mushroomed as a coal boomtown. Dawson is dead and gone, but Colfax, however clings to mortality. In the Dawson coal mine opened and a railroad was constructed from Dawson to Tucumcari and the town was born.

Uranium mines in the United States

The Phelps Dodge Company bought the mine in and increased development. Primarily serving the cattle ranches of the area, an old store, built of solid stone, carried goods and supplies for the villagers. Loma Parda became the town where soldiers could go for wild nights. Saloons, gambling, dance halls and women of ill repute put Loma Parda on the map; especially if you were a soldier bored with your isolated existence at Fort Union. So, the railroad built repair shops and even a wooden roundhouse in what became Duran.

White Oaks is not your typical flat-roofed adobe New Mexico historical experience. There were no Conquistadores bringing the word of God to the native population. It was a frontier wild west cattle community right up until gold was discovered Lake Valley became in important railhead and prospered until the silver panic of Two or three houses and a few other buildings remain today.

Ghost towns

Now off the beaten track and privately owned, Shakespeare had a tenuous beginning as Mexican Springs in the s as a stop on the Butterfield Overland Stage line. In , prospectors discovered samples of very rich silver ore in the surrounding hills and they went hunting for financing to develop their new mines. For nearly 60 years after the great gold strike of , Mogollon had a reputation as one of the most wide-open towns in the West. Butch Cassidy and his crowd once headquartered there, and gunmen, claim jumpers and gamblers kept things lively. Not even Victorio and Geronimo, nor the troops sent in by the governor, could tame Mogollon.

The town began in when three frustrated 49ers, Thomas Birch, Colonel Snively and another guy named Hicks, stopped to take a drink in Bear Creek and discovered gold. Word spread like wildfire, soon there were over men prospecting in the area. Engle began in as a stop on the Atchison Topeka Santa Fe Railroad where it was a crucial shipping point for miners and prospectors and served as a water stop.

The once initial mining camp of Organ was officially established as a community back in , though there had been mining activity since the late s.

The town's greatest population was around eighteen hundred at the turn of the century. Pie Town is located along U. Highway 60 in Catron County. Its name comes from an early bakery for making dried-apple pies that was established by Clyde Norman in the early s. The last residents of Kelly departed in , and most of their homes were painstakingly hauled down to Magdalena. The history of Chloride reads like the script for a bad western — silver strike, population boom, Apache raids, salvation by the militia, cattle versus sheep, tar and feathering, even bear attacks.

An Englishman named Harry Pye was delivering freight for the U. Army from Hillsboro to Camp Ojo Caliente in when he discovered silver in the canyon where Chloride is now located. Hillsboro was founded in April,, when two prospectors discovered a series of gold deposits on the east side of the Black Range Mountains along Percha Creek.

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Located along New Mexico Highway , Monticello was originally named Canada Alamosa Spanish for "Canyon of the Cottonwoods" and was first settled by ranchers and farmers in The town was renamed in by its first postmaster, John Sullivan, of Monticello, N. Copper mining also took place here.

Much of the mining shut down for good in the 's. Many residence and buildings scattered throughout the trees and lining the Hanover creek bed.

Ghost Towns of America - mapped and photographed | Geotab

It is difficult to tell when you have left Hanover and reached Fierro. Note: The Map will open in a new window. To download the map right click and save to your computer. The map is 2. Keep in mind some of the towns mentioned on the map and trail are in remote locations. You should always check locally for weather and road conditions before heading out.

Some locations will not have cell phone coverage. Finally please note this map is for entertainment purposes, town locations are approximate. Please observe all signage and ask permission before entering private property. View the guide online, or request to have one sent to you.

Chloride, New Mexico

New Mexico Map. Your Trip 5. Places To Visit.

White Oaks: Ghost Towns of Southeastern New Mexico, an ENMU student produced video.

Top Cities. Santa Fe. Las Cruces. Los Alamos. Las Vegas. Silver City. There are 3 ghost towns within 25 miles of Newark. There are 6 ghost towns within 50 miles of Albuquerque. There are 7 ghost towns within 50 miles of Troy. There are 5 ghost towns within 50 miles of Asheville. There are 5 ghost towns within 50 miles of Bismarck. There are 10 ghost towns within 50 miles of Lancaster. There are 11 ghost towns within 25 miles of Norman. There are 13 ghost towns within 50 miles of Keizer.

There are 71 ghost towns within 50 miles of Pittsburgh. There are 3 ghost towns within 50 miles of Greenville. There are 51 ghost towns within 25 miles of Rapid City. There are 25 ghost towns within 25 miles of New Braunfels. There are 13 ghost towns within 25 miles of Lehi. There are 11 ghost towns within 50 miles of Richmond. There are 14 ghost towns within 25 miles of Auburn. There are 11 ghost towns within 50 miles of Charleston.

There are 20 ghost towns within 25 miles of Racine. There are 5 ghost towns within 50 miles of Cheyenne. Scroll down to find out. Peter Ling Professor of American Studies. Ghost towns are primarily associated with the Wild West frontier and people flocking to areas with valuable mineral resources, including gold and silver in the Rockies and oil in Texas. Just as it was important that the mines of Colorado and California could ship their riches out by rail, the vast cattle ranches of western plains needed to reach the rail head to turn their steers into cash.

So the majority of ghost towns date from the period of westward expansion and industrialization. Great Plains states such as Kansas, Oklahoma and the Dakotas have the ruins of farming communities destroyed by the Dust Bowl and economic downturns of the s. In recent decades, heritage tourism has given some ghost towns a second chance to thrive, attracting visitors from around the world. Named by German prospectors who came looking for gold, Berlin was a company mining town.

Established in the s, the town was largely abandoned by the s after the mine closed in response to strike action. The well-preserved structures are now part of Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park, known for fossil discoveries of a prehistoric marine mammal. Nearest city Hawthorne, NV. The mines were depleted by and the town largely abandoned.

Since the s, the town has become an increasingly popular tourist destination. Nearest city McCarthy, AK.