Global integrability of field theories

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Particular topics include singularity formation and the longtime behavior of solutions of nonlinear evolution equations.

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Differential geometry research at TU Bobenko , Pinkall , Sullivan , Suris and FU Polthier is concerned with global differential geometry of surfaces, geometric optimization problems, and the theory of integrable systems. Because it emphasizes techniques of discrete differential geometry, including applications to mathematical visualization, this research is described in more detail as part of Area 5. This entails a very rich fabric of interwoven mathematics, including such diverse topics as the differential geometry and topology of curved space-times, the representation theory of ordinary and affine non-compact super Lie algebras and Yangians, and the theory of classical and quantum integrability.

The group of Professor Kreimer Structure of local quantum field theory focuses on mathematical aspects of local, renormalizable quantum field theories as they appear in physics.

Negative energy densities in integrable quantum field theories at one-particle level

While the physics of renormalizable field theory is the most precisely tested part of physics available, it also is a source of mathematical problems relating to algebra, algebraic geometry and number theory. Almost complex structures in 6D with non-degenerate Nijenhuis tensors and large symmetry groups.

Kruglikov, Boris; Matveev, Vladimir. The geodesic flow of a generic metric does not admit nontrivial integrals polynomial in momenta.

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  • Negative energy densities in integrable quantum field theories at one-particle level!

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Towards an operator-algebraic construction of integrable global gauge theories

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The First Quantum Field Theory - Space Time

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