Implementing VMware vCenter Server

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The chapters have considerable details about many useful tasks you are likely to encounter. Like extending a logical volume in a linux operating system.

Creating a VMware ESXi Cluster

Unfortunately, ubuntu is not currently supported. Though who knows?

Configuring a VMware ESXi Cluster

By the time you read this, that may be true. Anyhow, this particular example demonstrates how easy it is to reboot the virtual machine and thence reconfigure to expand the volume. The steps given are quite explicitly detailed. Another tip is to install VMware Tools. Not strictly required, as the text admits.

But it explicitly recommends that you can save yourself some time later by doing so.

It delineates the main functions of the Tools. Like improving the graphics performance and that too of the mouse. Or for Microsoft Windows VMs, to improve the audio drivers. A later chapter talks about improving the uptime, or High Availability. It gives a quick run through of vCenter's ways to reduce both planned and unplanned downtime.

This acknowledges that in reality both types of downtime can occur.

vCenter Server HA architecture

So how to minimise each and thus curtail the impact on users [like your boss? The basic solution is to make a vSphere HA cluster, to create redundancy. Yes, this looks straightforward. The cost of course is that you need the raw hardware slack to make that cluster.

Viewing and scheduling tasks - Implementing VMware vCenter Server [Book]

April 4, - Published on Amazon. Pact Publishing very kindly provided me with the opportunity to read and review an electronic copy of Implementing VMware vCenter Server by Konstantin Kuminsky. The first chapter covers some useful primer information about architecture and terminology before taking you through prerequisites and installation. The next two chapters detail Host and VM deployment which forms the foundation for your vCenter implementation.

Big IT, Hobbit sized

The book then moves to the management of your virtual infrastructure and talks about HA, Fault tolerance, understanding how to share resources between your VMs and the powerful DRS feature. Chapter 7 takes you though how to monitor your system through alerts and performance metrics and ends on how you might use update manager to patch and upgrade your Hosts and VMs.

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The last two chapters of this book talk about VMware vCenter Operations and VMware vCenter Orchestrator which, when combined with VMware vCenter Server, provide a great virtual infrastructure suite for larger organizations. Virtualization is a hot topic today. It saves time and effort for IT professionals as well as helping to keep infrastructure costs down and makes the IT industry greener.

VMware, one of the major players on the virtualization market, offers great scalability and reliability features, professional support, and constantly works on improvements for their products. VMware vCenter Server is a necessary component of any professional vSphere implementation. This book is a practical and hands-on guide to VMware vCenter Server, providing a description of its features and capabilities as well as useful tips on doing day-to-day administrative tasks.

This book starts with an introduction to VMware vCenter Server, describing requirements and deployment steps along the way. It takes you through a description of product features and different aspects of administration giving useful tips for day-to-day tasks.

You will learn how to deploy VMware vCenter Server, and how to manage hosts and virtual machines. You will also take a look at security features, availability, resource management, and discuss monitoring and automation topics. If you want to learn how VMware vCenter Server can help with managing your environment, then this is the book for you.