Introduction to Akkadian (Studia Pohl)

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Introduction to Akkadian Studia Pohl.

29905 - Assyriology (1) (LM)

A brief introduction to the Semitic languages. Key to a Haunting.

Semitic Inscriptions. Lectures on the Comparative Grammar of the Semitic Languages.

ISBN 13: 9788876535666

Old Akkadian Writing and Grammar, 2nd edition, revised and enlarged. Introduction to Semitic comparative linguistics. Introduction to Semitic Comparative Linguistics. A Key to Aristotle's Substance.

The Sound of the Akkadian Language: Cyrus the Great Cylinder

A Key to Dutch History. A Grammar Of Organizing.

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A Grammar of Pichi. A Grammar of Lao.

Recommend Documents. Stager, General Editor Michael D.

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Studies In Semitic Grammar and Metrics Old Akkadian Writing and Grammar oi. Entry requirements including prerequisites may apply. Please refer to the CAP applications page for further information. This subject is available to students studying at the University from eligible overseas institutions on exchange and study abroad.

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