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Start from the bottom, and push up until the stem pops out. When making lemonade , use tongs to squeeze the lemon fully. Place half a lemon in between the two sides.


Pull down on the sides usually meant for picking up meat. This will get almost all the juice out of a lemon. Clean fully afterward. Use dental floss to cut slices of soft things, such as cake , cheese , rolls , and fondant. The flexible string is thin enough to cut. Hold it tightly with two hands, and pull it through. This uses the same principle as using a wire to cut clay. Use the top of a water bottle to keep bread from going stale. Cut the top off any water bottle, or juice bottle.

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Next, pull the top of the bag through the loop made from the top of the water bottle you've just cut. Fold the bag over the top of the bottle, then screw on the lid to make an airtight seal. When dieting , use a smaller plate to eat less. It helps your mind to think there's more food, and limits what you can pile on. Make noodles in a coffee maker. The water will come near to boiling, softening the noodles and allowing you to cook them. Cook them the normal time you would in a pan. Do not cook the sauce in the coffee maker, however.

This also works for hot dogs. Use plastic lids as coasters. Don't have a coaster on hand? A plain lid can do wonders! Just place your drink on top and you've got a neat coaster. Make sure to clean before using. Warm up leftover pizza in a frying pan or skillet. This helps keep the pizza crust from becoming soft and dry. If desired, add a tiny bit of oil. When pouring milk in cereal, place your spoon upside down in the bowl. This will prevent the milk from splashing all over the table and turning into a mess. To remove the yolk from the egg, use a water bottle.

Crack the egg , and squeeze the bottle slightly. Place the opening over the yolk, and the yolk will suddenly be sucked in.

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Pit cherries. Place the cherry on top of a bottle, the indention facing straight up.

Pierce the top of the cherry with a straw, skewer, or toothpick and push it through the bottom. The pit will fall into the bottle.

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Method 2 Quiz What's the benefit of warming leftover pizza up in a frying pan? It heats the pizza up faster. It makes the cheese melty. It keeps the crust from getting soft or dry. It allows the pizza to cook evenly. Method 3. Screw a magazine holder onto the back of a cabinet door to store the hairdryer. This is a perfect size and will stay on.

As an alternative, use Command Strips, or other sticky hooks that hold well. Use coat hooks instead of towel rods to hang shared towels. These take up much less space and actually hold large towels much better. It also helps them to dry faster. Apply magnetic strips behind cabinet doors to hold tweezers, bobby pins, and other magnetic objects, like cosmetic brushes. Use sticky magnetic so as to not damage your walls.

Make sure all your clips are magnetic before attempting this. Place your reader in a ziplock bag so you can read without worrying. Before you try this in the bathtub, put a piece of paper inside the bag, then completely submerge it.

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If the paper is wet, then the bag is not completely waterproof, and should not be used. Ziploc bags work the best. Avoid elbow grease by fitting a scrub brush to a drill and use your favorite cleaner. This will scrub everything very well, and as the Scrubbing Bubbles say, "We work hard so you don't have to! Hang your lamp , if you have a tiny bedroom. This will save the space of having a bedside table and will give off much more light.

Make a low-profile hanging hamper. Instead of buying a boring beige one, use colorful fabric and sew one using an embroidery hoop. When painting a room , pour in a tablespoon of vanilla extract to the paint. Stir it around and start painting. For every half a liter of paint, add one teaspoon of vanilla essence or extract and mix with a paint mixer. In the end, the room won't smell like that terrible paint odor , but instead smell like pure vanilla.

Method 3 Quiz Why should you add a tablespoon of vanilla to your paint when you're painting a room?

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So the paint spreads on your walls more evenly. So the room ends up smelling like vanilla rather than paint. So you don't have to add a topcoat. Method 4. Waterproof your Toms or any shoes. Take beeswax the lubricating type , and rub it over your shoes. Make sure you cover every part on the outside and regularly touch up if the beeswax is coming off. Use a blow dryer or any type of heat to melt the surface of the wax, therefore making it invisible.

Use a hair straightener as a collar iron. This method is much easier and effective than taking out the full iron, waiting for it to heat, then putting everything away.

Try white wine to get out red wine stains. Gently blot with a cloth soaked in white wine to remove the stains. Test first on a piece of scrap fabric, in case it stains your clothes more. Use Windex to restore patent leather shoes. Windex can be used to safely restore the sheen to patent shoes. Pair socks before washing and safety pin them together in the wash to avoid having to repair them. This will help avoid the single sock search around the house. Use a safety pin or another device that is water safe and will stay on when tossed around.

Method 4 Quiz After you apply beeswax to your Toms, what can you do to make the beeswax invisible?