Lose Your Cool, Revised and Expanded Edition. Discovering a Passion that Changes You and the World

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I learned how to build a Wordpress website, take professional-ish photos, make smoothie recipes and send emails from Mail Chimp. I conquered one task at a time and overtime we had a robust website, an email list of , and a social media following to over half a million. We've even been able to expand into the retreat space, which is my new favorite thing. I take small groups of women on 5 days adventures to places like the Grand Canyon or the Nature Coast to kayak with manatees. It's still crazy to think that just 7 years ago I was on WIC.

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All of this started by drinking a green smoothie. Now, just imagine what you can do if you started drinking a green smoothie?! We would call up friends who followed us on social media and ask them what they were struggling with.

Want to start your own business?

The common thread was they liked the smoothies and how they made them feel, but they wanted even more dramatic results. After lots of research, we talked with a holistic nutritionist from Australia, Meg Thompson, and learned about the power of a plant-based whole food cleanse. It was exactly what we wanted to create for our community!

In a short period of time, you could reset your eating habits, your cravings and get dramatic results. We hired Meg to consult us on this sort of cleanse.

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Then I took my college design skills and put the program together into a nicely designed PDF that we could sell to our community. We knew very little about marketing in a traditional sense. So when it came time to launch the program, it was really us just inviting our community into an experience. We reminded them what they said in their surveys and how this program was created to tackle those concerns and get the results. We also shared candidly that we also needed this program.

It literally took my breath away and of course, I cried. So seeing the money come in was a huge moment of relief and made me realize our recipes and lifestyle is something that can help others AND they are willing to buy it too.

Lose Your Cool, Revised and Expanded Edition: Discovering a Passion that Changes You and the World

I'm so thankful our community of rawkstars believed in us. I first realized Simple Green Smoothies could be more than just an Instagram account when our following began to grow exponentially JUST by word of mouth. People would tag their friends in our posts and then their friends would tag their friends. Everyone wanted to share our recipes with their friends. I remember going to bed one night and waking up with 1, new followers. It was mind-blowing! They just truly loved our recipes… especially this one:.

If our followers were happy to tag their friends and family with our recipe posts, then it must mean they really like us! So I began researching brands and websites that have large followings and tried to emulate them Starbucks and Toms Shoes we're my favs.

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I learned that brands have really bold, emotional design and imagery. You literally feel elevated just by being on their website! I wanted that for us too. I wanted people to come to SimpleGreenSmoothies. I wanted them to just imagine what their life would be like in the very near future but including inspiration pics of me and my family in our healthiest and happiest moments.

It's funny because most of the time I was in my pajamas hunched over my laptop working within the late hours of the night. Not exactly the picture of health and happiness. Yet I had to paint a picture of what I knew was possible for me, my family and for all of our followers to get us all to believe it was possible. I was also constantly trying to one-up myself with the recipes, graphics, and photography we used at SGS.

I used my own money to buy a nice camera and shot all of our own recipes in the beginning. Yet they looked professional and people would take us more seriously. As time went on, we were able to hire a professional photographer, Lindsey Johnson, and she took our recipes to a whole new level. I still use Lindsey because her imagery is such a vital part of our brand!

Our free challenges are the best way to attract new customers. Inviting someone into a challenge is such a fun way to introduce them to your company. I've shared this with Amy Porterfield , the better you make your free challenge experience for them, the more likely they are going to buy one of your products down the road. Our challenge also happens to be our best FB ad that we run. I'm no expert in that area yet :.

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  • Lose Your Cool: Discovering a Passion that Changes You and the World.
  • When it comes to retaining customers, I think as long as you always stay true to yourself and speak candidly to your community, they become loyal friends. We try our best to respond to every email, comment, and message that comes in. We see our community as our friends and fellow wellness warriors— and will always cheer one another on. When you listen to their concerns and needs, it also gives you ideas for future products that you could create to help them.

    reports.kl82.com/js/surveiller-iphone/bigu-application-android-pour.php Probably the best advice I have when starting a business is to make sure you truly believe in the product and are passionate about. You will literally spend almost every waking moment and a sleeping moment too! Share your passion with them, keep your messaging real, authentic and personable. Subtle, small things like that can make a difference in getting paying customers that believe in you and your product! In the early years of Simple Green Smoothies, we had some serious momentum going through our free Green Smoothie Challenge and then our Day Cleanse.

    Yet over time, products lose their shine and can be harder to sell.


    Running a company takes a lot of grit, creativity, and endurance to continue on when times get hard because they will! Yet I take every hardship as an opportunity to grow stronger as a person and learn some tough lessons along the way. This year has been a pretty pivotal year for Simple Green Smoothies! Yet it was a hard couple of years to get here! Yet the following year we almost hit bankruptcy due to a huge drop in revenue and pulling too much out of the business. I bought out my co-founder at the end of , restructured the business and brought the company out of the red.

    It took years to change the trajectory and hit steady growth again. Yet we are here and it was worth every late night. It was too risky. Yet now we are at that place. Hopefully, we get some great results from this marketing strategy. My goal is to expand Simple Green Smoothies into the physical space as well. I'd also like to grow our affiliate network and get other online marketers to promote our programs and spread the word. That would be amazing! Yet I stayed open-minded as life throws curve balls and say yes to random opportunities that excited me.

    Just be open to allowing your business to grow outside of the tight grip you want to keep on it. Keep the passion and serving your customers at the forefront of every decision you make with your business. Instagram is the platform that gave us a community and the confidence to start a business. Yet social media is constantly changing and you have to be strategic! We started with MailChimp and have switched to a variety of platforms over the years. They all have their pros and cons… yet they are worth it!

    When it comes to expanding your team, I highly recommend hiring from within. The most loyal, best team players are those that started as fans of Simple Green Smoothies and were excited to learn and grow with the company. Over time, they have moved up from customer service helpers to directors of new programs we launch.