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The detailed mechanisms to generate the needed turbulence is an active topic of investigation at Princeton. Detailed mechanisms for forming a shock and converting flow energy into particle thermal energy are of interest in order to interpret the observed emissions from supernova explosions and their remnants.

Plasma Astrophysics, Part I

These shocks are often collisionless, in the sense that the collisional mean free path is much larger than shock thickness. Extreme pressures and temperatures, ordinarily associated with astrophysical phenomena, are now being produced terrestrially through extreme compression of plasma to achieve thermonuclear fusion. Hannes Alfven, Cosmic Plasma , D. Reidel, Parameters for space and astrophysical plasmas Adapted from T.

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Gravity was the focus of 20th century astrophysics. As shown by Earth's ionosphere where the ionization fraction can be less than one percent, plasma processes can be important even for very low filling fraction.

Plasmas are a combination of neutrals, ions, electrons and fields that have conductive and collective effects and where interparticle dynamics is not dominated simply by binary collisions. This condition applies for most astrophysical systems.

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The American Physical Society APS honor, which recognizes outstanding early career contributions to plasma physics, was established in in the name of the late Thomas H. Stix, the pioneering plasma researcher who founded the graduate plasma physics program at the U. Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory is a U.

Department of Energy national laboratory managed by Princeton University. Princeton University Institutional Compliance Program.

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