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He rates them highest on the pyramid of life-forms, and his archenemy is a fellow hit man whom he once caught savagely torturing a canine victim.

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This, like every bread crumb Mr. Twelve Hawks drops during the course of this story, will come to matter greatly.

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Midway through the book, it becomes apparent that the main character — who is beginning to think of himself as Jake, his pre-accident name — is regaining his humanity. That Spark is beginning to catch fire.

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Because this man was always very, very smart, the part of the book that puts his brain to full use truly gallops. His appeal lies in his pairing of one system of belief against another and letting them duke it out.


Does the fact that a computer thinks means that it exists? Think you can answer that easily? Spark has been released!

This was a special project from the outset. Four years ago I had the experience of a lifetime.

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I was one of fifty people invited to participate in a seminar on the neuroscience of creativity hosted by the world-renowned Salzburg Global Seminar in Austria. The several-day seminar occurred at the actual Sound of Music house in Salzburg, an incredible castle over-looking pristine water and snowcapped mountains.

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  • I met incredible people. The participants included world-famous neuroscientists, artists, and others from around the globe. To say I felt I felt privileged to be there is an understatement. It was an extraordinary, life-changing experience, personally and professionally. While I was there, the idea for a novel began to take shape.

    In Salzburg, I figured it out. After the seminar I spent some time in Vienna which is where I wrote the outline. I put it in a drawer to allow it to stew. When I had met other commitments and felt the time was right, I began writing.

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    See, what I figured out in Salzburg was that to really work, it would have to be a novel that worked on two levels: one for students and one for general readers. Since so many of her books are so short, please feel free to nominate more than one. We may be able to read an extra one later in the month.

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