The Last Great Strike

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We'll have been an empire of cowboys. It's not such a bad obituary. Bringing Home the Last Great Strike would definitely not count as insurgent country; there isn't a punk bone in its body.

It's an incredible line-up of bruised and tired music where folk, bluegrass, Louisville post-rock, Eastern music and electronics all drink side by side. As pristine and complex as the arrangements sound, the album's been kicked around and beaten up.

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Brimming with unglamorous stories of circus freaks, drifters, stranglers, ghosts, and drunks, Pinetop Seven have crafted a rich, melancholy work of music for the unemployable. The record store guy warned me about the vocals: too white, too nasally, too haunted, he said.

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  • The bizarre instrumentation and languid arrangements lend the music an almost timeless quality, drawing you in while the searching vocals repel. You may come to love them as I have but many will be discouraged.

    The Number of U.S. Workers Involved in a Strike in 2018 Was the Highest Since 1986

    After all, they're quite white, nasally, and irremediably haunted. Fair warning, in any case. The introductory fanfare, "As the Mutiny Sleeps," is a somber homage to the Band's "Theme from the Last Waltz," twittering with bells and glockenspiel while a muted trumpet whimpers and dour clarinet calls the album's plodding approach.

    Vibes punctuate the monologue as a maelstrom of howling electronics blows beneath. The bored observational candor is pure Brian McMahan as Richard intones: "A sound outside finally caught his attention and he looked out the window across the street to where a young mother was yelling. Below ….

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    From Our Blog. Reviews "In much the same way as those who appreciate various branches of the arts, scholars are also on a never ending search for excellence; something that lifts the spirits. The extent of his research is breathtaking. He combines a breadth of minute detail with a clear eye for broader implications. Compelling and accessible.