US Military Bases and Anti-Military Organizing: An Ethnography of an Air Force Base in Ecuador

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The pilot of the aircraft, Juozas Kumpis, leader of Lithuania's First Air Squadron, was severely injured and died as prisoner of the Polish military. Starting in the military aviation branch was renamed a number of times and some time after it was named to the equivalent of the Lithuanian Air Force. The Lithuanian Air Force supported and encouraged various aeronautics related activities, such as the sport of gliding. In , in cooperation with Aero Club of Lithuania , they helped establish a Lithuanian Gliding School in Nida and send their only experienced glider pilot, Gregorius Radvenis , to be the school's instructor and supervisor.

In , the Lithuanian Air Force consisted of eight Air Squadrons, including reconnaissance, fighter, bomber and training units. In the summer time, airports in the cities of Palanga and Rukla were also used. A total of aircraft and pilots and observers were listed in the books at that time. On 12 June , the first time after regaining the independence of Lithuania, An-2 aircraft, marked with the double cross of Vytis on its wings — the distinguishing sign of Lithuanian Air Force — took off from Barysiai airfield.

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This date is considered to be the Aviation Base foundation date. Up to , there were only light attack jet aircraft and transport aircraft located at the Air Base, after the reconstruction of First and Second Air Bases, helicopters are located at the Air Base too. It is manned with professional military and also non-military personnel. It consists of a headquarters, air operation group and operational support group.

The base operates various fixed wing and rotary blade aircraft. Main tasks of the Air Base are:. Development of infrastructure is one key missions of the Air Defence Battalion currently in the stage of development. Military personnel from all the three Baltic States serve as air surveillance operators at the centre and rotate according to national timetables.

The Commander of the centre is appointed for two years and represents one of the Baltic States. The Baltic States are considering in the near future to protect their airspace on their own. In line with the set priorities, the Lithuanian Air Force are implementing modernisation plans. They have replaced the older Soviet -era An Two LZA aircraft underwent extension of technical resources in Romania Maintenance works included exhaustive check-up of the aircraft units and major engine repairs.

New navigation equipment GNS was installed and radio communication sets changed in pilot cabins. These planes are used to train fighter control officers in air policing mission and fighter command officers. Delivery is planned from The deal is financed by the EU [6] and these 3 new helicopters will be the first new air assets for the growing air service. As of this edit , this article uses content from "Lithuanian Air Force" , which is licensed in a way that permits reuse under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.

All relevant terms must be followed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Air warfare branch of Lithuania's military. Main article: Air defence battalion Lithuania. Main article: Baltic Air Policing. Gamziukas, G. Archived from the original on 21 June Retrieved 21 June Archived from the original on Retrieved National Defence Ministry Republic of Lithuania. In the center of a large city in Okinawa is a helicopter strip creating terrible noise and bad air. The Korean War has not formally ended. The Asia Pacific Freeze Campaign led to a candlelight vigil movement involving huge numbers of Korean people.

In ,six nations agreed to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula U. Nonetheless, the U. As long as N. Korea can be accused of an interest in nuclear warfare, the excuse for maintaining strong U. Korea continues. Both China and S. Korea import large quantities of U. In May Korean people, concerned about contamination by mad cow disease, staged mass protests against the importation of U.

The protests were violently put down by the government.

The Korean people want to go on with their lives and pursue their common destiny apart from U. There have been U. Manila was terribly devastated during W. The Philippines are very familiar with the way military culture leads to violence and the oppression and exploitation of women. For example, in the Philippines an estimated 50, children were fathered by U.


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None of these children receive the healthcare, housing and education which are benefits of U. The story of Nicole, a 22 year-old student who has fought for justice in the prosecution of her rape by a US officer points out the way U. Service personnel are exempt from prosecution by the judiciary systems of the home nations of Asian bases. The students were a very lively group of about 14 women and one man. Many of them were from other states and we told them how to reach their Congressional Representatives and Senators; one had already visited a congressional office in person.

Carol Huston described the beginnings of the Granny Peace Brigade including the Times Square enlistment attempt, the trial and the gradual development of committees devoted to No Bases, Counter Recruitment and Legislation. At the end of the presentation theater lovers came over to Vinie asking what she is appearing in, and she told them she was in a play now and also in rehearsals.

One student gave Vinie her email so Vinie could send her the information about her current activities. Students were interested in Counter Recruitment, and they want to follow up — helping high school students to fill out basic forms, and use the internet to find financial aid programs. They also asked about more information on the two Israeli refuseniks that recently visited NYC. We have pioneered this through our Teach-Ins, phone-a-thons, website, etc.

To be brief, the Conference was excellent in every important respect and this report cannot convey all of the energy, intelligence, and warm interactions that we experienced. The aims of the Conference were:. The Conference clearly succeeded in the first three areas and a good start was made on the fourth. Friday evening at the Pentagon: We gathered at 4 pm in the protest area designated by the Pentagon. There had been a light rain which stopped and as we identified ourselves to others we hung our GPB banner on the fence.

Outside the fence a long string of police watched and Art Laffin of Catholic Workers said CW has held a vigil for 22 years on Monday mornings from 7 to 8 a. Jonah House Berrigans have vigiled for 37 years there. We formed a circle and started a started a brief program with a ceremony requesting permission to stand there from representatives of the Piscataway tribe on whose land it was originally.

Then into a large bowl placed on the earth in the center of our circle, those of us who brought vials of water poured it in — Okinawa, Italy, Japan, Hawaii, Maine, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Croton, etc. This opening of the conference was deeply moving.

The US' Overseas Military Base Strategy

The mood was one respect for the earth and all its creatures with a sense of both formality and friendliness. The conference program was jam-packed and, as invariably happens, it was tough deciding which workshop or meeting to attend.

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The other plenary sessions were excellent with powerful testimony by the overseas guests relating the destructive and toxic impact of the bases on their communities in all areas — social, cultural, economic, environmental. In the interest of time or for more specifics on the variety of workshops and the titles of the plenary sessions, please visit the conference website.

Our workshop in the afternoon Taking it to the Grassroots: Granny Peace Brigade Strategies for Informing the Public went very well, even if attendance was slim. There were 3 women from Okinawa; one from Tokyo; two from Atlanta Grandmothers for Peace who treated us like royalty; one man with a petition, and Steve Chinlund enlisted on video by Joe Friendly who was elsewhere. With Phyllis moderating, we all did our reports and Caroline with Bev staged a phone-a-thon encounter which everyone loved.

Post-presentation our attendees were engaged and would have continued talking but we needed eat and then do the evening plenary.

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Patriotic and anti-Military Fashion Show This was terrific and worth describing in detail. For the record though, Bev was one of the stars, first in orange jumpsuit and black hood for Witness Against Torture and minutes later in a Granny outfit complete with a Power of the Purse, black balloon, and photos of her grandchildren.

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Sunday Plenary On extremely short notice Phyllis Bennis stepped in to replace the featured speaker, Walden Bello from Manila, and was thrilling in her brilliant, focused and funny style. She emphasized that things have changed in DC. We packed up and went for dinner, planning to do lobbying the following day — Monday — but weather intervened.

Today we know both the sad truth — there were no WMDs, and the tragic results — massive death, destruction, dislocation. Iraq has been devastated — estimated more than 1 million dead, over 4 million displaced, infrastructure in a shambles. As at October 24, , the toll of U. Today U.

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The Iraqis continue to express a fervent wish for the U. We must ask ourselves — WHY does the U.

US Military Bases and Anti-Military Organizing

Iraq itself must be allowed to assume responsibility for security matters in Iraq, as well as for its rehabilitation, in collaboration with assistance agencies identified and selected by the Iraqi Government. The U. Embassy in Baghdad, our largest embassy, covers acres in the Green Zone. It is a city unto itself — larger than Vatican City.

He argues that his administration is not legally bound by those restrictive provisions. There is no defensive reason for any U. Do not delay action until the new Barack Obama Administration takes office. In addition, please write to them to state strongly that having studied this matter you deem it vital for the safeguarding of both Iraqi and U. A large and lively crowd gathered in the lower level of the Church of the Ascension on Sunday November 9, for a Teach-In entitled:.

She also said that US military bases are the worst polluters [of the ground, the soil, the water and the air] both abroad and at home and seem unwilling to be good citizens and clean up their act. Greg Wilpert, sociologist, writer and adjunct professor at Brooklyn College, served as moderator for the presentations.