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Books 6. Magazines 6. Collectibles 1. Format see all Format. All Listings filter applied. Buy It Now. Condition see all Condition. Used Please provide a valid price range. Item Location see all Item Location. Default filter applied. Canada Only. Stunning "Venetian" crochet motifs flowers, birds, baskets, leaves and patterns for collars, table linens, elaborate edgings, fringes.

More lovely "Venetian" crochet motifs flowers, birds, leaves and patterns for collars, bags, elaborate edgings, pillows,. Delicate lace yokes, interesting stitches, filet patterns, and embroidery over filet. This is a must-have for crocheters who want to learn how to make Irish crochet lace. Excellent instructions, patterns for a wide variety of flower, fruit and leaf motifs, a few grounds and edgings, instructions for hats, collars, cuffs, yoke, jabot, opera bag, edgings, doily. Making, gilding, covering, mounting, hanging and packing frames for a variety of purposes.

Scanned by Seya Wijnsma, edited by Sytske Wijnsma. Circular tatted yoke with Irish lace-type roses that could also be used as a deep edging for a doily. Illustrated instructions on how to tat, over a dozen original edging patterns, a butterfly motif, doilies, collars, yokes, a tatted bag, and tatted baby dress and hat. Crocheted baby hat with roll stitches bullion and "bean stitch" clusters that make a flower and shell motif. Preceded by the flyer which announced the publication. From the collection of Mary Fennema, published by kind permission of the copyright holder, Vrouwen Van Nu.

Nr 1 of a series of handbooks about antique needlework techniques.

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This book is about open-work and darning. Permission to publish given by "Vrouwen van Nu", successor of the "Nederlandse Bond van Plattelandsvrouwen". Enormous and beautiful needlework catalog, a wonderful reference for early 20thC needlework, with many illustrations. Slipper pattern, sole side black, upper side blue, with green and dark red circle segmets bordered with yellow. A slipper pattern, black background, blue ribbons, pink, red and white roses and blue violets. At least 30 colors. The color list at the bottom is not complete; the purple for the violets is missing. Needlework pattern, s, Berlin, by Hertz and Wegener.

Gift of the Estate of June Starke, Border design with 3D effect.

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Actually three borders, a smaller curly one with 3D effect in both design and background at top and bottom, and a floral design in many colors on black in the middle. Total height of border 80 stitches. It's still for sale. Crochet Patterns, Gittertyl Filet and Hardanger. Complete and simple directions for making with photographs and charts. Twenty three beaded bags, with photos and descriptions.

Sewing and embroidery instructions for children's clothes, ladies' lingerie and household linens, with tracing patterns and cross stitch charts. The Stella Slipper in Berlin wool and silk. Expressly designed for the "Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine" by Mrs. Holman - Sloane St.

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Single leaf, a handpainted pattern for the toe and heel of a slipper. Abstract pattern with some floral elements, bright colors. Painted sloppily. Small booklet cut-out pages of newspaper paper, sewn together. Crocheted initials. Embroidery, needle laces, crocheted and beaded purses and bags, drawn work, fashion.

Embroidery, crocheted purses and bags, knitted lace, needle laces with manufactured cord.

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Crocheted shawls, baby items, yokes, collars, edgings, pillows. Knitted child's items, tatted doilies.

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Crocheted knitted, and embroidered baby, men's, girl's, household items for holiday gifts. Very extensive inventory of renaissance embroidery design elements. Permission to publish given by Helen Hough. Images charted and edited by Franciska Ruessink. Patterns selected from the early European pattern book producers, tracing the use of various design elements through time. Lovely patterns and a treasure for people interested in using the elements, without wanting to reproduce the exact design.

Permission to publish given by Helen Hough and Franciska Ruessink.

More restrictive copyright: No derivative works allowed! Square crocheted motif with combination pineapple and spider web for scarves, bedspreads, etc. Beautiful and unusual large doilies, including several Cluny patterns, a pineapple doily done in roll stitches and a few that use novelty braids. Slipper, with geometric division in black and red, with flowers and paisley designs. The slipper in just black and red and the line between looks great, too. Advertising insert that contains several good beading instructions for bags and necklaces.

It was scattered through and glued into my copy of Priscilla Crochet Book Edgings and Insertions by the bookseller, who ran a yarn and bead shop near Boston Common. Square embroidery pattern of flowers and leaves, in the center a small dragon figure. Purse and border pattern in geometric style. Lithographed pattern published as attachment for the Journal des Demoiselles. Pale cream carton, single leaf, pattern in five colors, allover pattern of red coral.

Fifteen small Katagamis, people, birds, flowers. Used for egg-painting and kept together in an envelope. A dozen or so crochet patterns for squares and rosettes for making bedspreads and pillow shams. Clear explanations and illustrations for making drawn thread lace that takes us quickly from basic concepts to big projects, with some beautiful effects.

Many filet charts - church motifs, peacock, animals, birds, flowers, cherubs, fruit, motifs for children, formal borders and corners, the Selkirk Grace lunchcloth, and Tallyrand coffee cloth. Four pages of woodblock prints from a book or books about kimono fabric design patterns. Published around Springfield, Ill. Dresser cover, "Love Bird" pillow and sofa cover, work bag, altar cloth edgings, tea cozy, cake cover. Delicate and lovely art nouveau filet and irish crochet patterns, along with practical advice on working and applying the laces.

Gorgeous early 20th C design in Irish Crochet, "plain crochet", filet crochet. Household linens, collars, baby hats, slippers. Unusual Japonica, cyclamen, honeysuckle, violets Irish Crochet motifs, many filet crochet patterns, sturdy edgings for table linens, Irish Crochet edgings, easy edgings for beginners, Venetian Crochet squares, Irish Crochet point lace, and three interesting baby hats. How to do Hardanger, from simple patterns to exquisite complex designs, and many unusual cross-stitch charts.


Dozens of crocheted laces of all difficulty levels, and many of them are unusual and beautiful. Also filet charts, Irish Crochet motifs, and patterns for crocheting with manufactured braids and rickracks. Lavish laces for household and clothing, some unusual, includes new Irish Crochet motifs and filet charts an ostrich!