Why Dissection?: Animal Use in Education

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Animals Used in Classroom Dissection

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Features The volume includes information on the many organizations who supply relevant information and materials on dissection and teaching resources. Databases and other specialized websites offered here simplify the effort required for teachers to identify promising resources and those that will become available in the future. Highlights Why Dissection? Educational testing, national and state educational standards, and the place of dissections Legislation and regulations related to the use of animals and dissection in teaching The animal used in teaching.

Heart Dissection

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Animal Use in Education

In fact, some lunar calendars may date back over 30, years. A new California bill, AB , could ban animal dissection in K classrooms throughout the state.

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The Replacing Animals in Science RAISE Act argues that animal dissection is costly, exposes participants to carcinogenic chemicals and is harmful to both animals and the environment. The bill proposes alternative projects such as video recordings, three-dimensional models, interactive simulation software, among other educational substitutes.

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Existing law currently allows students with a moral objection to refrain from animal dissection. Studies conducted in the past few decades have offered different conclusions comparing the efficacy of animal dissection and alternative methods.

Among teachers, the dissection debate continues. Some educators argue that animal dissection can be an important learning experience that can either inspire or discourage students from pursuing a career in biology and cannot be replaced with any substitutes.

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