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Women's Theatre Writing in Victorian Britain

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Victorian burlesque - Wikipedia

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Gilbert and Fred Leslie. Burlesque theatre became popular around the beginning of the Victorian era. The word "burlesque" is derived from the Italian burla , which means "ridicule or mockery". For example, Olympic Revels opens with the gods of Olympus in classical Greek dress playing whist.

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Later in the Victorian era, burlesque mixed operetta , music hall and revue , and some of the large-scale burlesque spectacles were known as extravaganzas. Like the London prototypes, his burlesques included characters with nonsensical names such as Wunsuponatyme and The King of Neverminditsnamia, and made fun of all kinds of music currently being presented in the city.

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Unlike pantomime, which aimed at all ages and classes, burlesque was aimed at a narrower, highly literate audience; [10] some writers, such as the Brough brothers, [11] aimed at a conservative middle class audience, and H. Byron 's success was attributed to his skill in appealing to the lower middle classes. From the s onwards, burlesquing of Italian, French and, later in the century, German opera was popular with London audiences. Verdi 's Il trovatore and La traviata received their British premieres in and respectively; British burlesques of them followed quickly. Vandervell both were followed by five different burlesque treatments of Il trovatore , two of them by H.

usersat.com/wp-content/32-zithromax-und-chloroquin.php By the s, almost every truly popular opera had become the subject of a burlesque. Generally appearing after an opera's premiere or following a successful revival, they usually enjoyed local production runs, often for a month or longer.

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The popularity of stage burlesque in general and operatic burlesque in particular seems to have stemmed from the many ways in which it entertained a diverse group, and the manner in which it fed and fed on the circus-like or carnivalesque atmosphere of public Victorian London. Gilbert wrote five opera burlesques early in his career, beginning with Dulcamara, or the Little Duck and the Great Quack , the most successful of which was Robert the Devil Farnie and Robert Reece , both in Britain and the U. The Shakespeare scholar Stanley Wells notes that although parodies of Shakespeare had appeared even in Shakespeare's lifetime, the heyday of Shakespearean burlesque was the Victorian era.

The witches greet them with "Hail! An burlesque of Romeo and Juliet contained 23 musical numbers, some from opera, such as the serenade from Don Pasquale , and some from traditional airs and popular songs of the day including " Buffalo Gals ", and "Nix my Dolly". The dialogue for burlesques was generally written in rhyming couplets, or, less often, in other verse forms, such as blank verse; it was notable for its bad puns.

According to Grove , although "an almost indispensable element of burlesque was the display of attractive women dressed in tights, often in travesty roles It debases the public taste. The question whether burlesque has a claim to rank as art is, I think, one of degree. Bad burlesque is as far removed from true art as is a bad picture. But burlesque in its higher development calls for high intellectual power on the part of its professors. In his Longfellow burlesque Hi-A-Wa-Tha , the American playwright Charles Walcot encapsulated the character of burlesque in the epilogue, addressed to the audience by Mrs.

John Wood as Minnehaha:.

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  • In a similar vein, ten years later, Gilbert gave an English viewpoint on burlesque, in his epilogue to The Pretty Druidess :.